Ciaran Begley

Show List:

Spooky Action at a Distance (SCAPE Public Art Festival, Christchurch, 2019)

Hell is Other People (collaboration with James Nguyen, Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne, 2019)

Writhe #1, #2 = (Articulate, Sydney, 2019)

There Can Be Only Chaos (curated, Articulate, Sydney 2019)

Fauvette Louriero Memorial Artists Travel Scholarship (SCA Gallery, Sydney 2018)

Flood (Our Neon Foe, Sydney 2018)

Smashed Screens (Delmar Gallery, Sydney 2017)

David Harold Tribe Sculpture Award(SCA Gallery, Sydney, 2017)

New Contemporaries(SCA Gallery, Sydney, 2017, group show)

Contradictory Demands(Ideas Platform, Artspace, Sydney, 2017)

Extraordinary Views(Articulate, Sydney, 2016)

Trial and Error (Dedspace, Sydney, 2015)

bird of doom (Airspace, Sydney, 2015)

Openings (Group Show, Airspace, Sydney, 2015)

Form and Fold (Collaboration with Consuelo Cavaniglia and Adrian De Giorgio, Sydney, 2015)

Contemporary's Contemporaries (MCA staff Show, Sydney, 2014)

Turn/Fold/Flip (Archive Gallery, Sydney, 2014, collaboration)

Some Say You Can Find Happiness Here (SCA Gallery, Sydney, 2014, group show)

The Woodmill S.A.G.S. (Woodmill Gallery, London, 2011, group show)

Plus Art Projects (Private Space, London, 2010, group show)

Project Space Show (Woodmill Project Space, London, 2010, solo show)

The Devil's Necktie (Woodmill Gallery, London, 2010, group show)

In Place A Wall (Hackney Wicked Festival, London, 2009, group show)

Overpass/Underpass (Hold & Freight, London, 2009, solo show)

Memocube Origami (Prick Your Finger, London, 2008, solo show)

One Hour (Hayward Gallery Basement, London, 2008, solo show)

One Week (Maverick Showroom, Redchurch St, London, 2008, group show)

don't give up (Private Space off Vyner Street, London 2007, solo show)

Ciaran J. Begley :

-Artist at The Blue Oyster (Blue Oyster, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2002, solo show)

-Artist at Enjoy (Enjoy, Wellington, New Zealand, 2002, solo show)

from Enjoy Show #3 (Enjoy, Wellington,New Zealand, 2001, group show)

casioman (Black Cube, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2001, solo show)

Ciaran International (Neut, Wellington, New Zealand, 2001)

Siren Show #1 (Enjoy, Wellington, New Zealand, 2000, solo show)

Viewfinder Show #1 (Enjoy, Wellington, New Zealand, 2000, group show)

Thoroughfare (Oblique, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1999, group show)